Budget 2022: Maximo Kirchner’s speech that broke the agreement between the ruling party and the opposition

Everything seemed to be agreed. Without the necessary votes to approve the 2022 Budget, the Frente de Todos had agreed with Juntos por el Cambio that the project would return to committee. This had been advanced by the official deputy, Cecilia Moreau, who expressed her support for the motion proposed by her counterpart Luis Di Giacomo. But just three minutes were enough to boost that agreement. Minutes later, the head of the pro-government caucus, Máximo Kirchner, took the floor and gave a speech full of criticism of Together for Change.” Having in this House a former vice-president present (Julio Cobos), a former deputy head of government present (Diego Santilli) and a former governor of the province of Buenos Aires (María Eugenia Vidal) and a former president of this House (Emilio Monzó), I am powerfully struck by the behavior he is having. Also a former Minister of the Interior (Rogelio Frigerio) of the government that preceded us. I am powerfully struck by the behavior they are having in the face of a very serious situation they left when they indebted this country in 44 million dollars, “said the legislator. Faced with the protest of the opposition caucus, Máximo asked -on several occasions-: “Learn to listen”. Then, before asking to go directly to the vote on the project, he launched another criticism against the main opposition front: “The President undertakes to send these projects -for the Budget- to Congress, as it is the one that will come when the agreement of the International Monetary Fund is, which I wish had been in the past so meticulous and sharp look of those who today are opposition to ask that size indebtedness pass through this Congress to take care of democracy.”” Let’s vote, Mr. President, yes or no, and end the show,” he concluded. Cristian Ritondo’s Response
With an energetic tone, the president of the PRO bloc, Cristian Ritondo, responded: “President, until the recent intervention of the president of your bloc (Máximo Kirchner), my bloc was going to accompany. It will not accompany me to return to committee.” We have to respect each other,” he continued. One has to understand when one wins and when one loses. We have to respect each other, dialogue is respect for the other” And he recalled: “Kirchnerism, in the City, never voted us a budget. In the government of the province of Buenos Aires, we never voted for a budget. And in the Macri government they did not vote for us a budget either. If you want to dialogue, dialogue, don’t say it in the campaign, because when you win you don’t dialogue and when you lose, neither.”

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