Entrepreneurship that optimizes agriculture and mining among the finalists of the “Startup of the Year” Award

The Startup of the Year Award – a recognition that seeks to support Chilean technology-based projects and provide them with an opportunity to grow and project themselves worldwide – chose Altum Lab as one of the four finalists among more than 70 initiatives that applied this year to the competition.
The startup was born in 2017 under the idea of optimizing industrial processes with the aim of reducing costs and increasing productivity in activities such as agribusiness and mining.
For this, they created a Software as a Service (SaaS) called Bruna, which allows them to predict the production processes of plants and the variables that can affect the raw material. In this way, timely solutions can be sought and achieved that improve the efficiency and quality of the products.
“What Bruna does is predict what is going to be obtained from the raw material and then tell you how to occupy your production plant to get the most out of it. It is a totally transparent way of working. The value of the prediction is then compared with the real one and that new data is an input for the model to continue adjusting and predicting better, “explains Madeleine Valderrama, founder and CEO of Altum Lab.
The software consists of four layers of Artificial Intelligence. Broadly speaking, these are responsible for learning the production process, organizing information to optimize data, find solutions to problems and accelerate time to achieve the result.
In this period, the four finalists go on to the second phase of evaluation, where the founders of the startups and their teams will be presented to a jury of specialists to whom they will expose the main aspects of the business and its growth potential so that at the end of December they will choose the final winner. It will allow it to link up with the Swiss ecosystem and expand its international business network attracting the attention of investors.

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