La Mesa de Paulina: special edition with Coscu, Jmena, Santi Maratea and Migue Granados

A tremendous special arrived at to close 2021. Paulina Cocina hosted a table with spectacular figures from our country: the streamer Coscu, the singer Jmena, the influencer Santi Maratea and the comedian Migue Granados.

“Migue Granados, the one who built a basketball court in the house, the one who has half a avocado tattooed on each arm and also Toy Story, because he is a big fan of Woody. The cheeky, which can be a funny beast, but also an orange teddy bear. Jimena Barón the cobra, the flower of involution. Which of the two? A little bit of a little bit, if you ask me. The one who commented on each quilombo of the show on Instagram until she got tired and made her own network blackout. The one who prepared a rib steak when she came back from dancing down. But not now, because she is a vegetarian. Santiago Maratea, the one who collects money on Instagram, the one who made guita selling Harry Potter books with the word shell, the one who dreams of a house with slides to be able to throw himself but without losing all his teeth again. The one who lives in love but does not believe in love. Coscu, the one who went to Barcelona’s farewell at Messi’s house and danced some cumbias with Kun Aguero’s mother, who also has a dog named Messi, and said he would never work with Tinelli. The godfather of the streamer who invented the word buenardo and the kids use it so much that it is about to reach the dictionary”, this is how TeLoResumo presents to the guests of LA mesa.

It was spoken from international politics, #FreeBritney, the power of the media, the growth of social networks and even uncomfortable moments that the guests lived among them. Do you want to know what each one talked about? We tell you a brief summary so that you can stick and watch the full video on our YouTube channel.Coscu: the streamer talked about his family estrangement, revealed how they met again and how important his role was at that time. He made a reflection on vegetarianism that will surely make them think about it. He also talked about when he was invited to see the Argentine National Team along with other streamers and aroused the anger of some sports journalists who could not attend the stadium.” Meet Messi, meet Ibai and meet Kun Agüero. Everything happened in a week,” Coscu remarked as the most important thing of his year.

Jmena: The singer and actress spoke of the effort it means for her to be a vegetarian, but emphasized that she does it for animals and the planet. Of course Paulina asked him about his move away from social networks last year and “La Cobra” made known the learning that left him. The top 3 moments of this 2021 for the artist was: singing for the Argentine soccer team, therapy and her son MorrisonSanti Maratea: the instagramer who moves doing solidarity collections recalled when he traveled to the United States to meet Ellen DeGeneres and broke his teeth. The three events that marked him this year were the collection for Emita, going north to take the vans and meeting Enrique Piñeiro, who is now a reference for his solidarity. At the age of 50 Santi Maratea wants to have… “a house with slides in the south and an NGO bigger than Google.”

Migue Granados: the creator of La Cruda, his podcast on Spotify, confessed the complexes he has with his body. He talked about fame and what the term “famous” means to him. The three most important events of 2021 for Migue Granados were fulfilling the dream of making his home. About the end of dinner, there was a nice toast with “cross wishes”. What were they desired?

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