Morales: “In the years of Cambiemos it was almost a PRO government”

The governor of Jujuy Gerardo Morales was unanimously consecrated today as the new president of the National Committee of the UCR for the next two years and took advantage of his inauguration speech to target the PRO for the asymmetries of power within Together for Change.After a unanimous vote by the 94 delegates gathered this afternoon at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the UCR, Morales stayed with the ownership of the UCR, also the vice presidency and left the second for the space of Martín Lousteau. 

“Just as political parties must make our self-criticism, so must social organizations, which end up subjecting people to march forced in exchange for handouts.” ️ @GerardoMorales#UCRparaSiempre — Unión Cívica Radical (@UCRNacional)
December 17, 2021

The senator for Capital was one of those who faced the negotiation but from his initial resistance to the list of Gerardo Morales, which ended up imposing himself unanimously.” There were many who thought that this plenary was going to act as sillazos, we have shown that with dialogue we have been able to achieve this,” said Morales, at the beginning of his speech once consecrated as the new head of the UCR.

Lousteau and Morales, confronted in principle, today closed the leadership of the UCR with a list of unity | Photo: NA

“So far we came in a coalition with an almost secondary role. In the years that Cambiemos had to govern, it was almost a PRO government,” Morales said in a speech that drew applause. And he warned: “We do not want to own the coalition, because it does not correspond but we are going to be part of the decision-making and construction of the project that the Argentine Republic expects to lead Together for Change, but with a strong, vigorous and territorial radicalism throughout the country.”

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