Sinaloa Congress will not reduce the seats, 40 deputies remain

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Congress of the State of Sinaloa will not shrink and will continue to be composed of 40 local deputies, 24 of relative majority and 16 of proportional representation, because in January a reform to the Political Constitution of the State of Sinaloa and the local Electoral Law will be discussed and approved, because the 62nd legislature approved the reduction from 40 to 30 legislators proposed by the then governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, reported the president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Feliciano Castro MeléndrezSeñaló that there was only one transit approved by the legislature 63, which was reiterated that the 40 seats remain, which will strengthen the political representation of 100 thousand voters per electoral district. Read more: Rocha Moya suffers political attrition due to conflicts with mayors of Culiacán and Mazatlan, seek senate 2024The coordinator of the parliamentary group of Morena explained that there is an urgency to legislate on this issue, and in January the initiative will be presented to which the support of the rest of the parliamentary groups is expected, because in February, the National Electoral Institute (INE) marks a redistricting as provided for in the local constitution, which orders a reduction of deputies. Therefore, it is urgent to present Morena’s initiative so that 24 majority deputies and 16 proportional representation deputies remain in the law of new account, that is, as they currently are. He commented that the reform of the PRI proposed by Ordaz Coppel was approved so that it was reduced to 30, and if the reform is not made in the month of January, the INE will have to redistricting to reduce the seats to 30.Read more: It will be an abuse if they withdraw the discount to the property: merchants of CuliacánThis is added a second initiative that corresponds to the reforms to the Municipal Finance Law and the third with respect to women that is menstrual management. Atlas fan drops from traffic light to celebrate the championship

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