Gabriel Boric after being elected President: “We are a generation that emerges into public life demanding that rights be rights”

President-elect Gabriel Boric called for unity in the speech after his victory in the second round of the presidential elections, and assured that he will not renounce the changes, but expressed that they will be carried out gradually. We are a generation that emerges into public life demanding that rights be rights and not business,” said Boric, who also stated that “demands for justice and dignity are still present in the hearts of the people. We are going to move forward with short but firm steps.” The President-elect in his speech assured that “I will be the President of all Chileans, of those who voted for this project, of those who chose another alternative and of those who did not attend to vote.” Boric said that in his government he intends to “move forward responsibly in the structural changes that Chile has been demanding. Moving forward without leaving anyone behind, turning what some call consumer goods into social rights and guaranteeing a happier life, deepening the freedoms of all, and especially of all, because in our government women will not back down.” We are going to expand social rights and we will do it responsibly. We will have a balanced Congress, which means an invitation and an obligation to dialogue. I see it as an opportunity to meet again, to unite in great deeds for the good of our Homeland.” Democracy, Constitutional Convention and AFPIn his first speech Boric called to take care of the constitutional process, “a source of world pride, where for the first time in our history we are writing a Constitution in a democratic way, with parity, with the participation of our native peoples. Let us all take care of this process so that we have a Magna Carta that is a reason for union.” In terms of pensions, the President-elect assured that he will seek “decent pensions for those who have worked all their lives making our Chile great. Growth and fair distribution of wealth go hand in hand. The AFPs in Chile, which earn absurd figures at the expense of the work of Chileans are part of the problem and we will defend a public, autonomous system without AFP.” Boric also thanked all the presidential candidates and indicated that “the future of Chile needs us all and I hope we have the maturity to have their ideas and proposals. I know that beyond the differences, we will know how to build bridges.” It is clear to me that history does not start with us. Our project is heir to a historical tradition of those who have sought justice, democracy, the protection of human rights. That’s my big family,” Boric said. The President-elect stated that “destabilizing democratic institutions leads to helplessness. My commitment is to take care of democracy every day of my government.” Substantive progress to be solid is going to require broad agreements and has to be step by step,” he said. Boric also said that “I trust in the responsibility of all political forces to maintain differences within the framework of ideas” and added that “I receive this mandate with humility and a sense of responsibility, because we are standing on the shoulders of giants and in the coming years the future of our country is at stake, I will be a President who takes care of democracy.”     

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