Giorgio Jackson after casting his vote: “We are going to respect the election result”

Around 11:30 the deputy Giorgio Jackson voted and after fulfilling his civic duty affirmed that from the command of Gabriel Boric they will respect the result of the election. “Beyond talking about electoral justice, we are going to respect the electoral result. Only if there is evidence to show that the box does not add up, we could only think about going to the Electoral Tribunal. It seems to us that (casting doubt on the outcome) just messes up the moment,” he told CNN. He also said that if he lost his candidate they would have no problem congratulating the contender. “Communication will always be there, when you lose you recognize the victory of the other side and if you win too. There has to be a communication after a candidacy, there is going to be a communication, at least from us,” he said. Finally, he referred to the voters’ complaint about the absence of public transport. “We have received some complaints from people who do not see the regular flow of transport, they have had a wait of 40 minutes. There is a low means the flow, we ask that we redouble our effort. What we want is most people to participate, regardless of their political color,” the deputy said. The frequency is being well below one working day, less than half, according to what engineer Cristóbal Pineda confirms to us,” he added. Finally, he said that this affects participation. For the same reason explained that “if young people do not vote, there are high chances of winning this election.” 

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