Argentines and social networks: what they did in 2021

Whether it’s posting vacation photos, sharing thoughts and opinions, listening to music or watching funny videos, more than 90% of Argentines consume social networks on a daily basis, outnumbering the rest of Latin American countries by almost 10%, according to the Comscore report. Kwai, the entertainment platform where you can find fun and original short videos, shares what were the most watched content throughout this year. The application had its official landing in the region in April 2021, but the reality is that it was not a novelty in the world of networks. In China, its country of origin, Kuaishou has been present since 2012, being the leading social network in short videos, and its arrival in the country was no less than expected. Today, it has 180 million active users in the region, who spend more than 86 minutes a day enjoying the original content that can be found there; almost twice as long as its competition. On the gray Monday of October 4, in the face of the global fall of many social networks, millions of people chose Kwai to stay connected, and the application added 21% of new users. But what was the formula for success for this application? In addition to the minutes of entertainment offered by content creators, during these almost 9 months several milestones made Kwai reach what it is today: one of the main short video platforms in the country. In the framework of the Copa America, the Chinese application allied with CONMEBOL to be the official social network of the event, so much so that the brand was behind every goal that Messi could achieve. They brought back Molfino and Vidaña, the great characters played by Pachu Peña and Pablo Granados in “Deportes en el Recuerdo”, and inaugurated the first album of virtual figurines by panini. These events boosted downloads and increased the time of consumption in the app, causing Kwai to begin to gain ground in the region achieving more than 100 million downloads and an average of 4.8 stars in both the App Store and Google Play.

One of the main attributes of Kwai is the commitment to the professionalization of content creation. It is the first social network of short videos that recognizes this work as a professional practice through constant training and a monetization program of economic remuneration for the performance within the app. In November they launched TeleKwai, a new segment that offers another way to tell stories in 40- to 80-second episodes, called microfictions. It is the evolution of fictions that were previously consumed on TV, adapted to the format of short videos and that seeks to meet the demand of new audience segments that choose this type of content. In addition to including new talents and producers in its ecosystems. Today, near the end of 2021, the platform relieved the most viewed content in the year and the favorites of Argentines. The motivation category is the one that leads the top 5, followed by comedy and drama, and ending the ranking with food and art. Kwai’s inclusive algorithm allows all videos to have their prominence in front of the eyes of users and, although they have preferences for one or the other, it is responsible for putting at their disposal a huge variety of content so that they can enjoy and have fun during the time they spend browsing the platform.

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