Chile Vamos and future as opponents: position they will adopt “depends a lot” on “whether the Gabriel Boric that we are going to have is going to be the first or second round”

Representatives of Chile Vamos addressed today -in their expanded political committee- the defeat of their presidential candidate, José Antonio Kast, and their future as opponents in the Government of President-elect Gabriel Boric (Apruebo Dignidad).
“We had a political committee meeting with President Piñera and the four representatives of the coalition and of course, one of the issues was the analysis of yesterday’s day,” said the president of National Renewal (RN), Francisco Chahuán, Emol said.
“The leaders of the four parties have had a reflection that has been projected since last night, in which we have pending challenges, they say relationship in consolidating a coalition like Chile Vamos that is the one with the greatest representation in Parliament and where it certainly aspires to be a relevant factor in the future Government of the President-elect,” he added.
On his opposition to the future administration of Boric, the RN helmsman said that “it is important what will be in character of your Government (…) What will be the Minister of Finance, of the Interior, if the President we are going to have is the candidate of the first or second round or the one who should vote today in Parliament on the extension of the extension of the state of emergency in La Araucanía”.
In that line, the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya, said that “we have taken a definition, which is public and evident of being opposition and the type of opposition depends a lot on whether the Gabriel Boric that we are going to have as President (…) it’s going to be the first or second round.”
“The type of coalition, the structure that comes forward, today we are already a collation of four political parties that in Parliament we have 24 senators and 53 deputies, and I have no doubt that in the future they can converge in votes and a way of doing politics not only with Republicans,” he continued.
“We are going to be a different opposition to the opposition that during these two years denied salt and water to the Government (…) We are not going to be the kind of intransigent opposition that presented 14 constitutional accusations but I am wrong,” the UDI helmsman emphasized.

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