The million vaccines donated by Argentina arrived in Bolivia: the data of the plane

On Monday, the shipment of one million vaccines donated by Argentina arrived in Bolivia for the neighboring country to advance in the immunization plan, in what represents the largest donation among South American nations. At the head of the delegation that accompanied the vaccines was the Minister of Health of Argentina, Carla Vizzotti. These are doses of AstraZeneca whose active product was manufactured in Garín, province of Buenos Aires.

2 years ago, the same plane brought to #Bolivia ammunition and war material to repress the popular movement that protested against the constitutional rupture, today, it brings vaccines and with them, hope, health and life. — Foreign Ministry of Bolivia (@MRE_Bolivia)
December 20, 2021

Both the vaccines and the minister traveled in the same plane that in 2019 transferred the ammunition trafficked by the government of Mauricio Macri to Bolivia to sustain the coup d’état that crowned Jeanine Añez as de facto president of the sister country. That same plane, in the government of Alberto Fernández, is bringing us health, life and hope, it is bringing us a future, we value it like this and we receive it like that, as what it is, an action of Latin American humanity,” said Rogelio Mayta, Foreign Minister of Bolivia.

This plane, which just over two years ago landed here and divided our peoples, today comes to unite them. As it always should have been. These vaccines are our commitment to brotherhood, health and solidarity. They are life-saving vaccines. ❤️ — Carla Vizzotti (@carlavizzotti)
December 20, 2021

Mayta celebrated that, although the vaccines have a European patent, they have been produced in Argentine lands and pointed out that “in the future we can consolidate our capacities to develop this type of vaccines.”

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