From 1 to 7: free online test allows you to evaluate the quality of sleep

Having a good rest is essential for health, just as eating well is. Sleep quality has an immediate and long-term impact on life, so being aware of how you sleep is essential to taking action on it. That is why Clínica Somno, a leader in sleep hygiene issues, developed a series of free online evaluations on its website to determine what problems you might have at bedtime.
The six available tests, validated by the American Sleep Medicine Association (AASM) and the London Sleep Center, can quickly and simply assess, through a series of questions, if the person suffers from a sleep disorder such as apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, among others.
“A sleep assessment basically consists of a specialized interview in which the patient is questioned about their perception of sleep quality; of how you feel you sleep, detection of discomfort or irregular situations, external comments and other factors that are commonly associated with sleep disorders, in order to give a first diagnosis, “explained Dr. Luis Espinoza, neurologist at Clínica Somno.
There are other, more thorough ways to measure sleep quality. For example, polysomnography consists of a record of neurological and respiratory variables that allow to evaluate how to sleep and if the person suffers from any disorder. With non-invasive and painless machines, the patient is measured by factors such as brain waves, heart rate, eye movements, body position and breathing pattern.
“The patient’s or partner’s account is usually not enough. Polysomnography is useful for diagnosing and determining the severity of a sleep disorder. It will allow your doctor to make the best decision about the treatment to follow. Effective treatment depends on a good diagnosis,” the specialist added.
While a person sleeps the body develops a whole process in which the cells regenerate, the brain recovers from neuronal activity, the heart rate decreases and gives a rest to the heart and the production of hormones differs from when you are awake. In short, sleep is the way in which the entire human organism recharges for the next day, there lies its importance.

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