“Matrix” premieres its fourth installment 22 years after the first film

It was 1999, when a film, “Matrix” came to change the film industry and the popular imagination with a high deployment of technology. Martial arts fights suspended in the air, red or blue pill and the same concept of “the matrix”, were transformed into memorable pop icons to this day, when 22 years after that debut in theaters comes the fourth installment of the saga, which until recently was believed to remain as a trilogy. Matrix: Resurrections” will arrive this Thursday in national theaters and brings back Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss as Neo and Trinity, who are back inside “the matrix”, this reality created and controlled by machines that emulates the last years of the twentieth century and from which Neo and company seek to liberate humanity. The fourth film picks up the story 20 years after the original trilogy. After years of therapy, Thomas A. Anderson, the alterego in Neo’s matrix, believes that what he experienced last time was created by his mind. But the reappearance of the white rabbit (as in “Alice in Wonderland”) forces him to decide again between taking the blue or red pill and waking up from the reality built by the machines. Directed by Lana Wachowski, the fourth film in the franchise adds new additions to its cast with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Jonathan Groff and Priyanka Chopra.Yahya Abdul-Mateen II gives life to a younger version of Morpheus, a character played in the previous three films by Laurence Fishburne; while Groff plays a new Smith, one of the agents in charge of maintaining order in the matrix and nemesis of Neo.First commentsAlthough only today the first reviews of the film will begin to come out, in recent days the first impressions have appeared on social networks, which cover a wide range, from those who loved it to those who detested this return. Critic Nigel Smith of People magazine opined that “it’s more fun than I remember the sequels were” and celebrated the addition of Patrick Harris and Groff; while Scott Mendelson of Forbes wrote that “‘Matrix: Resurrections’ is a comedy. The action is disappointing and the new characters are thin.” Unlike the first three films of the saga, critics have highlighted that the fourth installment is much more loaded with humor, something that Lana Wachowski recently explained is because together with her sister Lilly (producer in this film and co-director in the previous three), “we do not like single-tone films and I know they are very popular, but I like a very wide range. And I thought it was like another dimension of the Matrix, another thing like bringing the Matrix that there wasn’t much before.” On the reasons for bringing back the saga, its director said that “it was not planned. It was not orchestrated in any way. It was just something that happened in my life and I needed to process some pain.” Wachowski lost his parents and close people in recent years. “I couldn’t have my mom and dad, but all of a sudden I had Neo and Trinity, possibly the two most important characters in my life,” she explained. For those who want to refresh their memory, the original trilogy – “Matrix”, “Matrix recharged” and “Matrix revolutions” – is available on HBO Max, a service that will soon announce the release date of the fourth film in the saga.

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