Prison workers in Sinaloa receive salary increase

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Up to three thousand additional pesos in their monthly salary will receive the 289 workers of the four penitentiary centers with the approval of 4.6 million pesos contemplated in the Budget of Expenditures of the State Government, and now from January, the deputies will verify that the commitment to end precarious workers within the Sinaloa prison system is fulfilled. they were looking for 12 million pesos to meet their salary needs and during the negotiations they were lowered to 9 and finally it was 4.6 million pesos, which allowed them in many cases to “double” their salary that they had when they began the fight for homologation, that is, they earned more than three years ago the amount of 7 thousand pesos and now their income is 20 thousand pesos. In this struggle of the workers of the four prisons of the state, in the 63rd legislature an economic compensation had been achieved, and this economic resource assigned is to reinforce this complement, which leads to consider that they are well protected with their homologation. An increase in their monthly income will vary from 1,000 to 3 thousand pesos, and will depend on the salary earned by each person, who are working in the prisons of Los Mochis, Mazatlan, Culiacán and Angostura.Among the beneficiaries of this budget are administrative, social, non-professional workers, medical personnel, computer assistant, among others, which does not include police officers. Read more: Roxana Rubio denies that her campaign is linked to people outside the PAN SinaloaWith this, a computer assistant will earn $13,524.90; a social work assistant $12,210.44; a psychologist $12,240.92; a legal assistant $17,029.62 and a doctor, $14,870.12, among some salaries who received the salary increase. The beauties of Choix, Sinaloa, will be exposed with the bridge in Huites

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