Diego Schwartzman: “When I turned professional I said I was going for everything'”

Diego Schwartzman became one of the great faces of Argentine sport in recent years and worldwide marked his name. Overcoming many levels and prejudices of the sport, he came to this place. But behind that story, she spends a complicated beginning with a family that had to fight and sacrifice many things for him to be in that place. Far from leaving it aside, the “Peque” reviews much of his history, the memories of a great-grandfather who had to escape the First World War. Thus, after many years, he finds the tranquility and stability to be strong of the head and win despite his beginnings. On the court, as in life Schwartzman emphasizes that all this leads him to be able to think about taking the world ahead. “As I became a professional and the years went by I became convinced that I could fulfill a lot of goals and dreams that maybe years ago did not occur to me,” he says.

Returning to his beginnings, Diego assures his “was an upper-class family in the 90s, but things started to go a little badly and cost a little.” “When I was little, my brothers were almost starting high school and we had nothing, we had nowhere to live. We moved from one place to another, they were lending us where to stay and it was a bit complicated everything.” Really when at nine years old they tell you that there are debts you do not know what it is. I thought I was in a family, that it was all rosy, that everything was perfect and it was the opposite, but hey, it’s part of the process of a family,” he recalls and does not leave his past behind. Now, on the other side, Schwartzman is one of the great surprises for his height and in tennis he is noticed. “There is a lot of physical difference and maybe you don’t see it when it comes to watching it on TV, but when it comes to power, mobility and a lot of issues that I have to supplant with a lot of other things.”

That also made a difference in terms of treatment within the sport. “Nor do we live in a country where people are giant, but on the side of sport, you saw? It was as if this is a dwarf who is not going, he is not going to be able to do, he is not going to be able to do much. And on that side they did suffer a little,” he says of the bullying. His path of promotion has put him ahead of the three great players. Diego remembers how that dressing room was with Roger Federer before playing Roland Garros, in his first crossing, the “joystick” that Novak Djokovic has in his hand and with which “it drives you crazy with that” and the presence of Rafael Nadal: “It’s like you enter the court a little more defeated.” The life of the “Peque” also allowed him to relate to great world figures. His friendship with Ben Stiler, the actor who asks him for advice on how to improve his tennis and to whom he promised a barbecue at his house, and obviously Diego Armando Maradona, who surprised him and had a huge relationship.
“I have a hard time talking about Diego. I’m not telling you I’m going to get excited now, but usually every time something happens with Diego I start crying. I have a lot of audios where he followed me after a davis cup win or loss match. She always talked and the truth is that she formed a spectacular relationship, but I regret it and I will regret all my life that I could not take her personally. Physical because we could never get together,” he says. In one of his latest forays, and thinking about what his future as an entrepreneur could be, he talks about the development of Stone, his eSports team. “The project grew and we were enthusiastic and we knew it was going to be very difficult because we had to put together a structure and a team and people who know about the subject,” he says. We believe that we can give that support so that it grows after the side of academies and education, “Diego closes about a world that grows and in which he got into as one of the great founders in sport in Argentina, and in a world where he relates to great figures that drive him in this new world.

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