Covid-19: Catamarca evaluates charging medical treatment to those who are not vaccinated

Catamarca analyzes the possibility of charging medical treatment against the coronavirus to those people who are not vaccinated.” A health unionist asked me what chance there was that it would not be free (the treatment) for those who do not want to be vaccinated. We are going to see if we can implement it,” said the governor of the province, Raúl Jalil, in statements made to Radio con Vos. In Catamarca we have free treatment for all people, whether they have social work or not, but what we are going to evaluate is that those who have social work and are not vaccinated have to pay through the social work, that they have to pay a coinsurance, “he explained. The goal, he said, “is to convince people that they have to finish vaccinating.” “We have very little percentage left in Catamarca, the truth is that in the North people are vaccinated much more. We don’t have those anti-vaccine campaigns,” he said. In the province, 93% of the population has at least one dose and 80% completed the scheme. The president highlighted the implementation of the health pass, but also stressed the need to maintain care. “The people who are in the hotels, restaurants and bars also have to take responsibility for the control of the sanitary pass, that is what we are working on,” he said. The health pass will begin to apply in the province on Saturday, December 25, progressively, as a strategy to continue encouraging vaccination and increasing prevention in the face of the increase in cases of coronavirus in the country.
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