Family of girl shot in Christmas fair shooting: “Don’t leave us alone”

Connected to an artificial fan and in a state of high gravity was until yesterday a two-year-old girl, who was shot in a shooting on Monday night at a Christmas fair in La Pintana.De according to police, the little girl was shot in the chest when she accompanied her mother to buy at a minimarket on the corner of Carlos Hunneus and Joaquín Edwards Bello streets. I was grazed by a bullet in the knee. When I go to take my daughter, I had the guatita with blood,” said the mother, who has a toy stand at the fair in the capital commune. In the minimarket, a 60-year-old man was wounded in the leg, who would be out of danger. One of the girl’s grandmothers said they thought they were throwing fireworks in the sector, when suddenly they saw a relative running with the child in his arms bloodied. There they put her in the vehicle and took her urgently to the Padre Hurtado hospital.In the care center they indicated that the projectile pierced her lung and left her body. According to the first inquiries of the PDI, the bullets would have hit one or two people directed towards a third subject. “We had neither art nor part in this,” said another of the victim’s grandmothers. The investigation is in charge of the Homicide Brigade of the PDI, and until the close of this edition there were no suspects detained. The girl’s father asked President-elect Gabriel Boric to get involved in the case. “I ask you to do justice, to help us, not to leave us alone.” And the rest of the community was asked “to pray for my daughter to be with us again.” The mother added that she hopes “that the President and justice will take charge and put everyone to look for the young man who did this to my daughter.” Neighbors said there are always incidents in the sector and alleged that Carabineros never patrol the fair. “Violence in vulnerable neighborhoods is unsustainable. We cannot continue to live in fear or count more victims in La Pintana. This has to stop,” tweeted Mayor Claudia Pizarro.La community chief said on the Mega channel that they are evaluating redirecting municipal funds to build a police station in the northern part of the town, where these acts of violence would be concentrated. “I’ve been asking for it for five years. We’re going to have to go into debt,” he lamented.

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