Francisco Solar acknowledged that he sent a bomb against former minister Hinzpeter: “I decided to use dynamite”

Francisco Solar acknowledged having sent an explosive device to Quiñenco’s office in 2019 towards former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter on the occasion of “revenge.” According to the testimony of the anarchist that he gave to the Prosecutor’s Office, which was reported by La Tercera, the bomb that was detected on July 25, 2019 had the objective of attacking the Secretary of State as “revenge against people linked to repression and business power.” This did not happen, as the GOPE managed to detect the device before it detonated. Solar maintains that “Hinzpeter had been Minister of the Interior of the first Piñera government, leaving a trail of repression that will be difficult to stop remembering. He harshly repressed social and student mobilizations, trying to lift a law marked by prohibitions of all kinds, known as The Hinzpeter Law.” as Minister of the Interior he was politically responsible for the murder of the young Manuel Gutiérrez, he harshly repressed the social mobilizations of Aysén and Freirina, militarized the Mapuche territory, which caused hundreds of wounded, many of them children and countless prisoners, “he says. As for the planning of the installation of the artifact, the anarchist explained that “I went to see the Itaú building to see its flow of people, the people who entered, who left; I tried to enter the 14th floor, where the offices of the Quiñenco Group were and I could not because of the iron controls existing at the entrance (…) so I thought it would be best to send an explosive parcel addressed to the office of Rodrigo Hinzpeter, to make sure that he was the one who opened the package.” Indiscriminate attacks have never been part of anarchist practice, our goals are clearly defined and target those responsible for oppression and repression. As my intention was to carry out a major action (…) I decided to use dynamite,” he says. The subject, who remains in prison pending the oral trial, also told the motivations for installing an artifact in the 54th police station of Huechuraba, since he declares that “it was attacking them as an institution, for what they represent, for their history of blood, torture and death.” I decided to attack the 54th police station of Huechuraba as a gesture of revenge for the murder of comrade Claudia López in September 1998,” he concluded.

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