Joaquín Lavín’s return to Chile after his time in Spain: he will work as an IDB advisor from Santiago

After being defeated by independent Sebastián Sichel in Chile Vamos’ primaries, former UDI presidential candidate Joaquín Lavín traveled to Spain in September. After months in the European country -where he worked as a researcher at the University of La Rioja, in Madrid-, the former mayor of Las Condes would return to the country on January 5.
According to La Tercera PM, in Chile, Lavín will work for six months as an advisor on citizen security for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), an international organization that has its headquarters in Santiago. However, the former La Moneda aspirant will collaborate from Santiago.
According to sources consulted by the aforementioned media, Lavín would also return to the academy at the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD). He would also be working on writing a book on social changes at a global level.
Political scene
Before the presidential runoff in which Gabriel Boric (Apruebo Dignidad) and José Antonio Kast (Frente Social Cristiano) participated, Lavín’s entourage maintained contact with the second’s team.
Although the exedil evaluated arriving in Chile to support the candidacy of the right, after a matter with his visa, this concluded in supporting him through a video, issued on November 30.
Anyway, Lavín could not vote in the first and second rounds, because of his stay in Spain.
Recall that the former presidential candidate told El Mercurio, after his defeat in primaries, that “for me the cycle of electoral politics is definitely over.” Lately, to those close to him he has pointed out that he has nothing thought of in the political sphere, la Tercera slogans.

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