Boric sent Christmas message: he called to think about those who are alone and suffer and asked not to be idealized

The president-elect, Gabriel Boric, spoke this day at the arrival of his command and sent a short Christmas greeting. “Send a greeting and hug to all the families that inhabit our territory, all Chileans and let’s think about those who suffer the most. The times of the holidays are where suicides are triggered the most because the feeling of loneliness of many and many increases and health problems become harder at this time,” said Boric.The President-elect added that “I invite us to spend it as a family those who can spend it as a family, and think about those who are alone and send a hug to them and them, and tell them that we are going to try from the Presidency of the Republic and the government to accompany them.” One of our campaign promises was a state that cares, that embraces. You can’t be everywhere, but I wanted to send that message, I’ve talked a lot with people linked to mental health and they have raised that with me, so a hug and let’s think about those who suffer,” he added. In another matter, the President-elect asked that he not be idealized, regarding the stir caused by the presence of his dog Brownie on social networks. Boric described as “very nice” that through his pet you can talk about animal rights, but said that I want to be very careful, there is a very positive tailwind, but you have to be very careful not to idealize anyone, starting with me. ” Know that we are going to give our best (…) all of us who work in this team are human beings who are exposed to making mistakes. It’s good not to idealize anyone and that’s certainly included in me,” Boric said. 

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