Coscu Army Awards 2021: Momo named streamer of the year

This Thursday was the fourth installment of the Coscu Army Awards, at the Hilton hotel in the City of Buenos Aires, which rewards the best streamers of the year, and the top prize went to Geronimo Benavides, better known as Momo, who won the shortlist “Best Streamer of the Year”. With more than 30 categories, the most important award of the award was taken by the native of La Plata, something more than deserved, since he went through a great 2021 with his trip to Europe, the duo he formed with the journalist Christian Martin, his stay at the Ibai Llanos house and the “Momingos”.

It is worth mentioning that Momo did not have it easy in the most relevant shortlist of the night, because she “competed” with colleagues and friends, such as Goncho Banzas, Luquita Rodríguez, Unicornio and Markito Navaja.On the other hand, the gala, which was seen through the Twitch channel of Martín Pérez Disalvo or better known as Coscu,  recorded peaks of more than 300,000 users connected simultaneously, while on average there were 290,000 viewers. In addition, other winners of the so-called “Picante de oro” were Luquitas Rodríguez in the category “Best IRL streamer”, Damián Kuc in “Youtuber of the year”, Spreen as “Revelation Streamer of the year” and Duende as “Best Roleplayer”, among others.

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