New Year in La Plata: reinforce the campaign “Zero Pyrotechnics”

The Municipality of La Plata reinforced the “zero pyrotechnics” campaign for the New Year’s celebration, an initiative that seeks to prevent injuries and accidents, avoid damage to people and animals sensitive to sound and explosions, and preserve the ecosystem. It is important to note that pyrotechnics cause negative effects in people with Autism, Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, and cognitive or neurological disabilities, as well as in animals and the environment. As for the forecasts regarding the care of pets, they indicated the importance of consulting the veterinarian and under no circumstances medicate the animal without a prescription. For all this the traditional New Year’s Eve dolls are prohibited from using them.
In this sense, they indicated that the talks held in the commercial center of the city and in various green spaces, such as Plaza Moreno, Parque San Martín and Plaza Malvinas (among others) aim to “encourage neighbors to adopt responsible behavior” and to “have empathy with those people and animals who are affected by the use of pyrotechnics.” It is very important that the entire population becomes aware of what fireworks generate and that is why during this month we have intensified the campaign from the delivery of brochures with useful information, and dissemination through social networks, “they explained from the Commune.

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