Save ADIP thousand 346 million pesos in digitization of CDMX procedures

The Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) reports that the Government of Mexico City has saved more than one thousand 346 million pesos thanks to the simplification and digitalization of procedures, which has also contributed to reducing crowds and waiting times by improving the user experience. One of the strategies to prevent or minimize acts of corruption is to make public information transparent with the aim of holding government agencies accountable and making their processes efficient, through platforms and / or systems enabled to provide procedures and / or electronic government services that are a useful tool for this. Read more: The first baby of 2022 is born in Mexico CityFor the above, the Government of Mexico City, through the ADIP, enabled digital windows to simplify processes and procedures where more than one authority intervenes, which allows reducing times and visits to different government offices. Today they are available: the Construction Window, Window for people with disabilities and Window of mobility procedures. These actions have generated regulatory savings detailed below: Renewal of the Circulation Card, the amount of $745,965,417.00;   Renewal of Driver’s License Type A: $29,173,408.00; Elimination of birth certificate update as a requirement: $11,141,094.00; Simplification and digitalization to access Unemployment Insurance: $42,416,279.00; Derived from the simplification and digitization of the Construction Manifestation Registry type B and C, through the Single Window of Construction (VUC), the amount of: $423,000,000.00. Window of Commercial Establishments and Rapid Opening of Companies: $58,231,450.00 Digitization of Internal Civil Protection programs: $37,022,021.00. Transition to digital, the key: ADIP The digital transition of face-to-face procedures allows citizens to access information, save time to move, as well as save their economy. The simplification of procedures and / or services allows: reduce processes, costs, requirements, response times and access to information, intermediaries are eliminated. Therefore, digital government helps reduce the incidence of corruption, speed up government procedures and provide a better user experience. To date, 453,940 circulation cards have been digitally renewed in Mexico City, which places this procedure as the most recurrent. From 2019 to date, in terms of procedures and services, they were reduced from 1998 to only 966.De same way the resolution times of administrative processes have been reduced, and today it is possible to open a business in just 15 minutes from the cell phone. Read more: The first baby of 2022 is born in Mexico CityThis year, as part of the digitization strategy of the Government of Mexico City, the ADIP made updates and new electronic alternatives in the following procedures, services and digital products: Neighbors block Aquiles Serdán again due to lack of water; Sacmex did not pay and CFE “turned off” wells

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