Jackson called on the government that “last minute” initiatives not create “a problem for the next administration.”

Giorgio Jackson addressed the projects presented by the Government shortly after leaving office. The political coordinator of the president-elect, Gabriel Boric was asked about initiatives such as the Universal Guaranteed Pension and the lithium tender, noting in this regard that “it is important that they have sustainability over time.” It is important that if they are going to do things of the last time that any administration until March 11 has power, that they are done in a way that is sustainable over time and that hopefully does not generate a problem for the next administration that is not solved in a timely manner, “he said. Lithium, Jackson said, it is “a strategic area for the productive development of our country. It is by definition a resource, which according to the current Constitution and we hope that this will not only be ratified but that it will be agreed hopefully unanimously so that in the next Constitution it continues to be a good that belongs to all Chileans. ” “Therefore, the way in which in this case a concession or bases for that is generated, must be something that is not done at the last minute,” he replied, insisting that “it is prudent that this adjudication process be postponed.” And although, he acknowledged that “it is an attribution of the Executive to be able to do it,” he emphasized that “the prudent thing would be to wait and not do it in the last hour or in the discounts of the current administration.”

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