Atlanticazo: protests on the coast against oil exploitation

After Alberto Fernández authorized the seismic exploration tasks for the search for oil, Marplantence citizens, as well as locals from other localities, demonstrated against this action and carried out the “Atlanticazo” in order to prevent these actions and raise their voice against the Ministry of the Environment. The call was at 17 in the Rambla de Mar del Plata. There different social organizations, environmentalists and self-convened people gathered to express their resounding rejection of the search for oil off the coast of Mar del Plata and had great repercussion on social networks that replicated the protest masivisandola next to the hashtag With the slogans #Atlanticazo, #MarSinPetróleo and #SalvemosAlMar.

The #ATLANTICAZO is coming to prevent seismic exploration and oil extraction in the Argentine Sea. ✊ That’s why it’s important to remember why this activity is so dangerous, here’s our summary. — Eco House (@ecohouseok)
January 3, 2022

Tomorrow we march for a #MarSinPetróleo. In Chubut and Mendoza the popular mobilization defeated the extractivist advance of the governments with mega-mining. All our support to the #Atlanticazo against offshore exploration, a project promoted by Macri executed by A. Fernández. — Nicolas del Caño (@NicolasdelCano)
January 3, 2022

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