Patients rebuked a doctor for the delay in the swabs: “If you can not do tests stop 24 hours, do not come”

As there is a significant increase in positive cases of Covid-19, patients violently rebuked a doctor for the delay in performing swabs. The incident happened in the Mendoza city of Tunuyán, in the midst of the collapse faced by the testing centers in the face of the increase in infections, as reported by the communal chief Martín Aveiro. And it became known from a video that in the last hours went viral. There you can see how, in the face of criticism, the doctor defends herself by evidencing her questionable work conditions: “We do not even have time to go to the bathroom. I’m giving what I can. My knees hurt. More I can’t do. I haven’t stopped attending, it’s not that I’m at the p…”

“If you’re not qualified to stand for 24 hours, find someone else. Do not disrespect us. I pay my taxes and you collect from there,” one patient lashes out. No one is qualified for this,” replies the specialist who continues to reaffirm: “We are not disrespecting them.” How long does it take to do a swab?” he asks provocatively. To which the doctor replies: “Not only that, but I have to take care of people. Sometimes I get people in more serious condition. I have to do analytics, x-rays…”, he lists.

In this sense, the communal chief Aveiro said that “the testing centers are collapsed” and that the Hospital of Tunuyán “has six boxes but lacks human resources and organization to attend the moment.” The contagion has been strong and has overflowed. There was a lack of planning to face what was coming,” he added, while expressing hope that soon “it will normalize.”
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