Peru declared the beginning of the third wave of Covid-19

Peru.- Peru declared on Tuesday the beginning of the third wave of Covid-19 infections, after that during the last weeks the Andean country will report an increase in infections caused by the South African variant Ómicron.Ómicron has caused that, since December, the cases double in the capital, Lima and that in the rest of the country significant rebounds are observed as announced by the Ministry of Health.As revealed by the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos in a press conference, during the first days of 2022 the country has presented an increase of at least 25% additional to go from 11 thousand infections to 14 thousand weekly. The minister has pointed out that the Ómicron variant is already predominant in the capital of the country, where it is estimated that it is the cause of 53% of the new cases of Covid-19, despite the fact that just a few months ago most of the infections were of the Delta variant.During the last day, Cevallos reported that 309 cases of Ómicron have been detected in ten of the 25 regions of the country, most of them detected in Lima and Callao, in addition to scattered cases in Piura, Áncash, Ica, La, Libertad and other regions. The minister also explained that, despite the increase in infections, in the country there has been no increase in deaths, which have only presented an 8% rebound according to the National Computer System of Deaths.Regarding this, he explained that 90 percent of those who died from Covid-19 during the second half of 2021 were unvaccinated patients, which demonstrates the effectiveness of vaccines to reduce the mortality. Read more: Brazil registers 175 deaths and 18,759 new cases of Covid in 24 hoursRegarding whether there would be restrictions due to the uptick in infections, the official ruled out that the government takes drastic measures, as he recalled that it has not worked, since it is “a country with 75% of labor informality and people have to leave their home to earn a living. You can’t force them to stay at home.” The tender reason a father took his daughter to the altar by bicycle

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