Santi Siri: “Buenos Aires is the crypto capital of the world par excellence”

Santi Siri is the technological reference of Argentina and for many generations will be one of the great heads. However, he returned to the country after two years to accompany Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, on his national tour, and took a great surprise for the present in terms of crypto.” I did not come to Buenos Aires, but I traveled back in time and I am in a kind of cyberpunk utopia in the year 2034, because everyone is watching, everyone is dealing with cryptocurrencies, “he says surprised about the progress that the digital currency has and the enormous difference with other countries in the world. ” There is like a level of interest, not only in developers, those who make software, but in people, in the general public that consumes and uses these tools, that I have not seen in other parts of the world. I don’t see it in Spain. We are light years away from Spain,” he remarks and relates it to the need.

“They are symptoms of a system that does not work, a traditional system, the State and our institutions that fail to get the economy going. All of that is having an impact on people taking action on the issue, grabbing these technologies, these tools. Some are building on those others, they are using them. But there is a level of massification in crypto that I used to think that Buenos Aires was always with pride, I said well,” he adds. Argentina or Buenos Aires, at least, is the crypto capital of the world par excellence, which contrary to the case of El Salvador, where there is a millennial president who has made the adoption of Bitcoin and crypto one more top-down thing and is trying to drive changes in that regard. Here it is also from the bottom up,” he remarks. On the other hand, not only the interest of the people has ddesperated this whole situation, but there is also a momentum from the Argentine minds, something that Siri defines as “a very successful litter of entrepreneurs, who managed to build large regional companies that have won the Copa America, that have won the Latin American markets”.

“We are really facing a golden generation of national software, which is a very short story, very short, but at this moment, from the rise of cryptocurrencies and so on, I am really proud to be part of all that and to see what my generation tries to say,” he surprises. Other topics that he reviews within the current reality of crypto is the issue of regulations and taxes. However, he makes it clear that it seems impossible: “When governments come to regulate it and they are going to persecute us, they are going to put taxes on us, regulating crypto is like wanting to put borders on the sea you can’t, you can make ports, not customs.”
In this sense, the creator or founder of the political party Red believes that there can be something more to do in politics, without becoming the center of debate or Congress, but promoting regulations and educating. “I’m passionate about politics because I believe that when we make technology, the technological decisions we make have political consequences,” he says. It seems to me that it is essential to have a political conscience when it comes to making technology and the truth is that I like to sit down and program more than being in Congress raising my finger and fighting with people, “he closes in a lecture on progress, the future and the world that is approaching with the revolution of the digital economy.

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