SSPC calls to protect minors in the use of video games

Before the arrival of the Three Kings, the federal Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) called to protect minors who receive digital gifts and cybergames, whose access to the network could bring them risks. And it is that among the recommendations is to avoid giving personal data or access to sensitive information such as the location of the minor and bank or telephone details of children or relatives. Likewise, the federal agency stressed the importance that the use of this type of tools that would go from cell phones, electronic tablets or video games, is carried out at an established game schedule and under the supervision of an adult. Similarly, highlighting the importance of minors and adults following the Decalogue of Cybersecurity, the SSPC called on society to make responsible use of technology, while stressing that the anonymity of the Internet is conducive to the realization of crimes. Some recommendations In this regard, in addition to schedules and supervision, the federal agency stressed the need for minors to avoid playing or chatting with strangers, as well as not sharing their location or personal data. It also recommended that parents play from email accounts expressly created for use in video games and social networks, instead of using a personal account, while doing so with active parental control on the device and without access to the camera or microphone. Read more: ENAH students and teachers vandalize the Angel of Independence; While finally, the agency stressed the importance of reporting to 088 any activity that is suspicious, in addition to cases of harassment, threats or those aggressive or suspicious accounts.

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