Mendoza: Four people died in an accident

About four people died today in the vicinity of the Mendoza city of San Rafael as a result of a collision between cars at an intersection of Route 143 and El Toledano.According to local media, the event occurred on Wednesday morning, when a family of five members from the city of Rosario, traveling in a Volkswagen Gol, crashed into a Fiat Palio, occupied by a single individual. After the impact at the aforementioned intersection, three of the occupants of the vehicle died instantly, while the other two survived in the first instance and were interned. One of them is a baby, who suffered fractures in three ribs and is out of danger, but the mother of the little one identified as Dora Zubiera Carruera, who had been expelled from the car, was transferred to Schestakow hospital, although she died around 10.15 from the injuries caused by the crash. On the other hand, the occupant of the Fiat Palio was diagnosed with trauma to the face and chest. In the place still works the Southern Road Police, Personnel of the Police Station 60 and personnel of Scientific Police, all under the command of the Prosecutor of instruction of the UFI of transit of San Rafael, Florencia De Diego.

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