Jimena Sánchez receives the weekend in the best way

Talking about Jimena Sánchez is to do it perfectly, just look carefully at her social networks to realize that she works to be the best in what she does, both in sports and modeling, one of her great talents that has now reaffirmed it with such an incredible postcard to receive the first weekend of 2022.Through Instagram the Fox Sports host shared a striking image where he leaves a more than encouraging message where he wishes a “Happy Weekend” to his little more than 8.5 million fans on the platform and the most who can get to see it. But it was not just any image, since Jimena Sánchez used a more than flirtatious outfit to give great value to her post. Jimena Sánchez used the top of a swimsuit in yellow, one of the tones that best go with her skin, highlighting all her model features. And at the bottom he decided to use a black pants with a type of fabric that reflects light, a style of vinyl that the only thing he achieved is that the curves of his hip were pronounced more generating an endless number of comments and compliments for the driver. Read more: LaLiga: Andres Guardado equalled Hugo Sanchez’s 495 European record This is how the weekend begins for Jimena Sanchez | Photo: Instagram Jimena Sánchez In just a few minutes she has exceeded more than 66 thousand reactions and continues to count, Jimena Sánchez had not shared a photo of that magnitude for a long time which enhanced the emotion of her followers to see her model with an outfit that stole hearts and sighs wholesale. Already at the beginning of the year he had published two more photos but none with the audacity like the one he has now shared. One of the things that characterizes her since she started in the media is that she never stops working and that is something that keeps her always in the taste of the crowds, although a large part of her fans come for her beauty, others more like the sports content in which she participates, in Baseball, NFL, Football and WWE that are his strong themes. But there are also those who follow her from her first steps on Youtube and entertainment programs on Fox Sports, over time she acquired more experience and is one of the strongest talents on the channel. 

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