“The dance begins”, the new film with Mercedes Morán and Darío Grandinetti begins its shooting

A new film project once again shortens the distances between Argentina and Spain. It was announced the filming of “Start the dance”, a film that will feature the main performances of Mercedes Morán and Darío Grandinetti.La actress and the actor come from sharing the cast in “Maradona: Sueño Bendito”, although this project will be the first time they coincide in a leading role. It is a dramatic comedy that develops the reunion between Carlos and Margarita, who knew how to be an old and recognized tango couple. “Carlos lives in Madrid, enjoying the second chance that life has given him and Margarita lives in Buenos Aires immersed in poverty and oblivion, but with that scoundrel and rogue humor that has always characterized her,” details her synopsis.

Their reunion will revive “the passion that led them to share, scenarios, trips and life”, so they undertake, together with their “inseparable friend Pichuquito” a journey from Buenos Aires to the foot of the Andes Mountains that will put them in the face of their memories, their fears and their deepest desires.

Mercedes Morán and Darío Grandinetti will begin recording “Empieza el baile”

The film written and directed by the Argentine filmmaker Marina Seresesky, is his third feature film after “La puerta abierta” and “Lo nunca visto”, with which he won more than 30 awards at international festivals in addition to several nominations for the Goya Awards of Spanish cinema. The film talks about characters who, in their own way, are going to find what they really are. It’s a very personal film because it talks about things that interest me and touch a lot, that I usually talk about in my other projects, such as getting back to the essence,” the director said at a press conference on Wednesday.

This is how Seresesky defined it, who has been “living in Madrid for 24 years but is from Buenos Aires”. “To come back here, because it’s the first time I’m going to shoot in Argentina, and to present the film in the country is incredible,” he said. Filming begins tomorrow, January 7 and will take place in locations in Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Mendoza to end in Madrid the last week of February. The project has the international endorsement of the Community of Madrid and the Ibermedia Program, added to the auspices of the Governments of Mendoza, City of Buenos Aires, Government of Santa Fe and the municipalities of the City of Mendoza, Rosario and Luján de Cuyo and is declared of interest of INCAA. The main cast is completed by the Argentine actor Jorge Marrale, and the Spanish actress and host Pastora Vega, along with a cast of figures that will soon be announced. A Spanish-Argentine co-production between the audiovisual production companies Meridional Producciones (Spain), Oeste Films (Mendoza), Patagonik and Habitacion 1520 (Buenos Aires), together with El Gato Verde Producciones and Áralan Films (Spain), Sur Films (Mendoza) and Reina de Pike (Rosario). With music by Escalandrum by Daniel Pipi Piazzolla and Nicolás Guerschberg.
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