Nine bodies found with signs of torture in the Mexican state of Veracruz: they wrote threats against government secretary

The bodies of nine people, with obvious traces of torture, were abandoned Friday on a highway in the south of the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, according to local authorities. The victims, eight men and one woman, appeared around 08.00 local time (15.00 GMT) on the side of the Cosoleacaque-La Tinaja highway, at the height of the municipality of the city of Isla.Along with the human remains, which were naked, a message was left with threats against the current Secretary of Government of the state of Veracruz, Eric Cisneros Burgos, and signed by a criminal group. The state Secretariat of Public Security confirmed the facts and announced that in coordination with federal and municipal forces, an operation was deployed to find those responsible for the massacre. The state agency said that this type of action is due to a reaction of criminal groups to the work of combating crime in the state. And jointly, with the Attorney General’s Office, a ministerial investigation was initiated. Although in the last two years the official figures show a decrease in the crime rate in Veracruz, the entity has been mired in a dispute between drug cartels and the State for more than a decade.And Veracruz occupies the sixth position at the national level with the highest number of atrocities – murders registered with extreme violence – according to the civil organization Causa en Común.The states where more news of atrocities were recorded from January to October 2021 was Guanajuato (with 327 atrocities), Jalisco (227), State of Mexico (221), Michoacán (191), Puebla and Veracruz (with 175 each). Causa en Común highlighted in its latest report that in Mexico it had a record of 4,527 atrocities, that is, the intentional use of physical force to cause death, laceration or extreme abuse. In those events, it documented 6,787 victims of extreme violence. According to preliminary data from the federal government released on Thursday, Mexico closed 2021 with 33,410 intentional homicides, a reduction of 4.1% compared to 34,554 murders in 2020.

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