The shrimp harvest culminates in Lomas del Mar de Piaxtla, San Ignacio

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- After having lost much of the harvest as a result of Hurricane Nora, in August of last year, the producers culminated with the capture of the shrimp that could be achieved, which served to pay the account they maintain with the people who finance them, and to whom they still owe a large amount of money, René Sarabia García, president of the cooperative El Patole, of Lomas del Mar de Piaxtla, indicated that the next cycle of larva planting will begin in March, for which they have already begun with the cleaning of the estuary, which consists of taking all the water to the sea, with the help of a pump, to later pour lime on the wettest parts. He also said he felt positive that natural phenomena do not affect the upcoming production, since last season they lost more than 7 million pesos, because not only part of the shrimp went to the sea, but also part of the machinery and fishing equipment was affected. He also added that these three months of recess, people have no other income of money, so some risk going into the sea to capture some species to survive. The shrimp harvest culminates in Lomas del Mar de Piaxtla, San Ignacio | Photo: Yolanda Tenorio/ Debate Finally, Sarabia García mentioned that they did not receive any help from the government for the past losses, and indicated that they have always been the abandoned people of the government. Read more: They warn of a fall in the agricultural production of Sinaloa “Here very rare come the supports, we are forgotten, thank God for a few months we have been receiving the visit of the councilor of San Ignacio, Concepción Cruz, who has brought diverse supports that have served a lot, with the hurricane also the now mayor Octavio Bastidas Manjarrez supported us with pantries and other items to all people, hopefully the help will continue,” he said. Snowfall falls in Tlachichuca, Puebla, after heavy hail
I joined El Debate de Mazatlán on February 21, 2008, as a correspondent for the mountain municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa. My job is to cover all kinds of events, but what I am most passionate about is writing special reports, specifically on the communities of the mountain area, villages abandoned by violence and lack of opportunities. I especially enjoy the genre of the chronicle, conducting interviews and portraits of characters. The roots of St. Ignatius are from a Jesuit missionary village full of culture, gastronomy and history. We have mountains and coast, mining, fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and livestock, as well as renowned band musicians. I try to have all of that reflected in my journalistic work. Also from time to time I cover news in the municipality of Elota, neighbor of San Ignacio. Something that has given me a lot of satisfaction is helping people to get benefits through my journalistic work. See more

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