The “uncollectible” account of the DC: Servel requests to clarify unpaid taxes and taxes, per diems and expenses without party support

An audit carried out by the Electoral Service (Servel) to the financial balance of the Christian Democracy (DC) corresponding to the year 2020, which was formally sent to the collectivity last December, reveals certain anomalies within the accounting books of the phalanx, among which an “uncollectible” account, impositions and unpaid taxes were detected, more per diems and expenses without backups
According to the document recorded by El Mercurio, the party’s accounts reflect the account called “uncollectible” and the account “provision of uncollectible accounts”, for an amount of $ 32,238,414. Given this, the Servel asks the DC to inform what measures have been taken to reduce these amounts of the accounting.
The report also details that, as of the year audited, “the payment of taxes for the sale of properties in 2019 and 2020 remains pending.” And that, “according to what the portal of the Labor Directorate indicates, the party maintains lawsuits for unpaid impositions” in the preliminary and judicial stage.
“Rejected expenses” are also presented; for example, in makeup, telephone payment in the name of individuals and toys; and an objection from a ballot for the hiring at the beginning of 2020 of “orchestra, singer, dancer and teams activity PDC Palestinian club”.
In the same way there is a list of “canceled per diems that do not have backups that allow to verify their use and determine if they are in accordance with the definition that the party has for the use of per diems”. Here the Servel requests to incorporate “more background and link them with each of the disbursements”.
So far there has been no response from the conglomerate, however, the national council of the Christian Democracy met on the night of Thursday, January 13, electronically, and in the instance it realized this information. The Falangist helmsman, Carmen Frei, although she has presided over the collectivity since May 2021, showed some discomfort and even disgust at the results of the examination carried out on the party’s accounts.

The Servel carried out a field visit of some addresses reported as headquarters of the DC, in order to verify their use. The result of this inspection was that in “the properties located in La Calera and Lebu properties leased to third parties were detected and said income has not been reflected in the party’s accounts; it is requested to clarify this situation immediately, since it goes against the provisions of Law No. 18,603”.
According to the supervisory body, although the “party partially complies with the required actions,” its observation “remains.”
Meanwhile, on the payments made during the year 2020, “Campaign credits expenses” are visible for an annual amount of $ 43,685,035. This account shows the payments corresponding to “Campaign Credit Mrs. Carolina Goic”, so the Servel asked to attach more data, such as a copy of the contract signed by the party for the credit.
The agency warns that, “in the bank transfers reviewed by Servel, it can be verified that the payments of the credit are deposited to the account of Ms. Carolina Goic and in one case it was paid as a fund to be rendered, a situation that must be clarified, since the payment must be made directly to the creditor bank.”
Another of the observations that the entity maintained arose from the validation made to the charges made by the party in its current account Banco Santander, which highlights the payment of $ 193,121,611 to the company Inversiones Baquedano Spa, for brokerage service, commission for alienation of property located in Millalongo number 22, commune of La Florida, owned by the Christian Democratic Party, from December 2018 to August 2019. For the amount paid, more information was requested from the community.
The Service also asked the DC, since “it is present that the report of the company Inversiones Baquedano is not signed or identifies the person who prepared it”, to clarify the situation, requiring “a copy of the contract that supports this service, where the amounts and calculations of the commissions associated with the payment made and the form of payment of said commission are clearly established, such as the date of fulfillment and guarantees of the service provided”.
The DC requested more background from the company, along with replying that “due to the management and the initial offer of the year 2019, the party does not have a contract for the provision of services that supports it, since at first the partes agreed that such a service would not be paid for by the party.”
The Servel audit details that the DC has $1,435 million declared as income for the audited period, half of it corresponding to transfers of fiscal resources.

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