At least 100,000 people in and around Buenos Aires suffer power outages

At least 100,000 people suffered power cuts this Saturday in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA) due to the high demand motivated by a heat wave that generated the collapse of the electricity system, a situation that has been repeated frequently for years.
According to government data from the Electricity Regulatory Entity (Enre), a total of 82,526 users are affected by blackouts in the area that corresponds to the company Edesur and 17,220 to the distributor Edenor.
“The continuity of hot days, with minimums that do not fall below 24 degrees, causes that the cables of the network can not be cooled and that they work to the limit of their possibilities,” Edenor said in a statement.
For its part, Edesur explained that it placed several “Four Packs” generators in different points of the AMBA to reinforce the electrical system in the absence of energy.
“These are larger generator sets, which can power a whole medium voltage cable and several cameras,” they explained from the company’s social networks.
Both companies are responsible for supplying more than 5.3 million customers, of which 99,746 are without supply, despite the fact that the Government of Alberto Fernández took a series of measures to prioritize residential electricity.
In addition to decreeing teleworking for state employees since last Thursday, the president asked the industrial sector to reduce energy consumption, fearing that they will exceed historical records of electrical use.
As reported by the Electricity Wholesale Market Management Company, on this day a maximum of 26,637 megawatts was reached, close to the peak reached last Thursday with 27,550 megawatts.
The residents of the AMBA had already suffered massive and prolonged blackouts at the end of December and the beginning of this month, where the warmest days of the Buenos Aires summer are marked by failures and insufficiencies of the electricity network.

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