The TINI show, the finishing touch of streaming at Claro Sessions

TINI, closes the first cycle of Claro Sessions with a first-class proposal, together with 23 musicians on stage, who will shape an unforgettable show that will be available exclusively to all audiences in proposal will feature what was the presentation of TINI at the Maipo Theater, last December. This was the first face-to-face show of Claro Sessions that summoned fans and the general public reconfirming the good reception of the format. Now, all his followers will be able to watch and listen to the full event on the streaming platform, which will be available on demand for 48 hours, including his main hits such as “Bar”, “Maldita foto” and “Miénteme”, among others.

The artist has millions of views on streaming platforms, great recognitions and awards from the artistic environment in general and fans from all over the world who follow her on their social networks. His first show on Claro Streaming, held at the end of 2020, brought together millions of people who connected from 134 countries, equivalent to 70% of the world; this marks the impact of a singer of her level.

“TINI is undoubtedly the most convening artist in Argentina and also recognized throughout the world. This is why we decided to close with his show so that all his followers can enjoy it freely through Claro Streaming. As a comprehensive service company, our goal is to continue to offer value propositions for our customers and the general public. Claro Sessions is an entertaining offer that differs from others in the market, with exclusive shows by the hand of references in the world of entertainment, “said Julio Porras, CEO of Claro Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

So far, more than two million people have enjoyed the previously unreleased shows on the company’s streaming platform. Throughout 2021, established artists such as Airbag, Knowing Russia, Maria Becerra, L-Ghent, Lit killah, Cazzu and Juan Ingaramo were presented. In addition, it had the participation of emerging musicians such as Limón, Potra, Rayos Laser, Wiranda Johansen, Viva Elástico, Florian, Chechi de Marco, Feli Colina and Agos Nisi.

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