This was the first program of Laurita Fernández in “Bienvenidos a Bordo”

This Monday, and as we had anticipated, was the first program of Laurita Fernández at the head of Bienvenidos a Bordo, which is broadcast in the afternoons at 5 pm, by El Trece.

With music, dance and good vibes, the artist resumed driving, some time after the Cantando 2020 with Ángel de Brito and El Club de las divorciadas, which ended in mid-2021, to take care of the place of Guido Kaczka, historical figure of the channel, and who is on vacation.

“Guido is not there, he said if I don’t arrive, start and start with everything,” Laurita began by saying, and then greeted the announcer, the owner of the characteristic voice that accompanies and guides the program.

In addition to interacting in the games and chatting with each participant, as it could not be otherwise, the host coordinated the most popular segment of the program: The door of the similarities, where she received those who claimed to resemble Tini Stoessel, Anne from the series “Anne with an E” and Nicky Jam.

It should be remembered that Laurita shared the conduction with Guido in the 30 years of Un Sol Para los Chicos, a special that year after year is broadcast by the channel.
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