AMLO defends appointments of PRI ambassadors

President AMLO justified the appointment of former PRI governors as Mexico’s ambassadors to the world, indicating that this is synonymous with the plurality that exists in the country. After the recent appointment of more than 15 members of the SER, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was questioned, above all, by the appointment of the former governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich and the former governor of Campeche, Miguel Aysa, both belonging to the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Andrés Manuel indicated that Mexico, as a democratic country, must include all citizens who want to participate in his government, even if they do not belong to Morena, a party that he created and led him to the presidency. Read more: Schools are not centers of Covid-19 infections: López-Gatell assures that the increase in cases began on vacation”We govern in a plural country. Mexico is a democracy and we all have the right to participate (…) and if the former governors are participating, it is because we want Mexico to express itself in the world as plural,” said the federal president. “Do you think that in the Mexican foreign service everyone is from Morena? I can assure you that you are the minority and yet those who want to serve in other parties and work in the foreign service have been respected because they have complied and it does not matter what party they are from,” he added. AMLO even revealed that he invited former governor Javier Corral, belonging to the PAN, to his government, however, he could not accept a position as ambassador because he has dual nationality, and had to resign from one of them. Resignations in the PRI The president was questioned on the issue, after Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the PRI, threatened to remove from the political organization the former governors who would be joining the Federal Government. However, AMLO indicated that it should be the former governors themselves who must decide whether or not to leave their militancy in the PRI, and not be expelled by Alito Moreno. AMLO also defended historian Pedro Salmerón, who was appointed Mexico’s ambassador to Panama, and who has been singled out for cases related to sexual harassment and abuse during his career as a professor. The Mexican president reiterated that there is no formal complaint against Pedro Salmerón, reason enough to take the position that was appointed to him in the Federal Government. Read more: Yes there are elements to investigate Cuauhtémoc Blanco: FGE “In the case of Pedro Salmerón there is this complaint that was filed, there is no formal, legal complaint as I understand it and we must wait for the evidence to be presented in this case and for the former governors of the PRI to decide,” he said.

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