Happy Brewers and Brewers Day! In his day, we tell you some curiosities

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, as well as one of the most consumed in our country. The Day of the Brewery Worker was established with the aim of recognizing those people who intervene in the preparation of the millenary and traditional drink. Although state-of-the-art technology is used for its elaboration, the brewer’s trade retains a fundamental importance within the process since, among other tasks, he is responsible for tasting and approving the beer that then reaches the consumer’s table. In addition, it is responsible for the malting of the grains, their grinding and maceration, the cooking of the must obtained that can last several hours, the fermentation of the beer, the maturation process and its bottling, which are essential stages to define the flavor that reaches our mouths. Although there are no records that allow to determine exactly the origins of this drink, some historians link the beginnings of beer to those of bread making, whose beginnings date back to 8000 BC.Already in the Middle Ages, the preparation of beer was considered a true mystery and those who were in charge of doing so jealously guarded the details that made the final result possible. With the arrival of industrialization, customs were changing and with the passage of time the supermarket can and the porrón in the bar were accompanying us in each of our rituals. Today the universe of beer has expanded, but what never changed was the importance of its elaboration. The brewing tradition in Argentina is more than two and a half centuries old, since in 1742 the first brewery was inaugurated in the neighborhood of Retiro. Currently, 45 liters per capita are consumed annually, 60% of the total consumption of alcoholic beverages. This places Argentina in 72nd place worldwide among the countries that drink the most. Beer is a sweet or fermented malt liquid flavored with hops, manufactured naturally. Its main ingredients are barley, hops, yeast and water, and the water with which it is prepared must be pure, sterile and drinkable. Also barley, which must be germinated, dried and roasted, hops, which gives it a bitter aroma, and yeast, which allows its fermentation. It accompanies meals very well due to its bitter taste and carbonic content, and also has medicinal properties: it is an antioxidant and protects cells from degradation. Some curiosities about beer

It is considered that the word beer comes from Celia or Ceria, in honor of the goddess Ceres, dispenser of fertility, protector of agriculture and sacred grains.
A bulky foam is a sign of a good quality beer. Even, the foam should not disappear at any time.
The Egyptian workers who were in charge of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids received a part of their pay in beer.
Originally, the only brewing experts were women. Even during the nineteenth century it was believed that the consumption of beer was beneficial for good breastfeeding.
Scientific evidence highlights that drinking beer is linked to a lower risk of ischemic heart disease, favors overall cardiac function and may have anti-inflammatory qualities that would contribute to the reduction of cardiovascular risk.

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