Pardon or Amnesty Debate: Undersecretary Galli Said Project “Maintains Initial Drawbacks”

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, addressed the substitution of the figure of pardon to free prisoners from the social outbreak by amnesty and maintained that the initiative “maintains the initial inconveniences” and is a “very equivocal” signal for citizens. In a conversation with Radio Duna, the authority said that “we said this is not a pardon project, because the pardons point to those people who have been convicted of a crime to stop serving their sentence, what was established here was with the name of a pardon an amnesty, because here what is done is to declare impunity for all those who committed a crime determined by the single the fact that it was committed in the context of a demonstration.” That is highly counterproductive, but at least the citizens are being told that this is an amnesty, What they do remain are the inconveniences that we raised from the beginning, since December 2020. ” Added. Galli stressed that “in that sense, this bill continues to have the same negative observations, even the indications were reduced, we will see if it is approved, because for example, Senator Latorre does not agree with the reduction of crimes that neither Senator Huenchumilla nor Senator Araya is proposing.” He also criticized that “the less serious crimes are going to be amnestied, but -for example- the crime of frustrated homicide is maintained, but it is added that as long as there have been no injuries, it turns out that what we are forgiving is the one who wanted to kill but did not turn out (…) I think that signal to the public is very misleading.”

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