Esteban Valenzuela, the journalist and former regionalist deputy who arrives at the Ministry of Agriculture

Esteban Valenzuela Van Treek (FRVS) is the new Minister of Agriculture appointed this day by President-elect Gabriel Boric.
Valenzuela is 57 years old and is a journalist, political scientist and doctor in contemporary history. Director of Convergencias Regionalistas de Estudios Aplicadas del Sur (Creasur) and co-founder of El Rancahuaso.
At the age of 28 he was mayor of Rancagua, one of the youngest of the time, in 1992. In the 80s he was part of the youth of Mapu, and in 1987 he was one of the founders of the PPD, where he remained for 20 years, until 2007. In 2017 he joined the Social Green Regionalist Federation, where until now he serves as vice president.
In addition to being mayor, he was a deputy in two periods for the O’Higgins region, where he was part of commissions such as Mining, Regionalization and Interior Government, among others. Last year he ran for governor in the O’Higgins Region, without being elected.
On March 11, he will assume the Ministry of Agriculture, where his main challenge will be to face drought and less access to water, with low reserves due to the deficit of rainfall. But also the relationship with farmers, who among their problems have the lack of labor for crops.

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