José Luis Perales reveals the origin of his song And what is he like?

Mexico.  A video that is going viral on Tik Tok stars Verónica Castro and the Spanish singer-songwriter José Luis Perales and in its content she questions it regarding the origin of her song And how is he? On several occasions and in different media it has been said that ¿Y como es él?, one of the greatest hits of José Luis Perales, he composed it inspired by his daughter, who would have introduced him to her boyfriend and that inspired him said song. But the truth has been told by Perales himself on more than one occasion and it was in the eighties when Verónica Castro, when visiting her in one of her night programs, revealed that she wrote it at the request of Julio Iglesias. ” But in the end I didn’t give it to him because the people in my company thought I should sing it because it was a great song and they thought it would be a great success with me,” Perales tells Castro. José Luis Perales. AP photo Regarding what he would have written for his daughter, Perales has denied it several times, since when he composed it, his daughter María was three years old and that is why it could not be possible.” And what is he like? / Where did he fall in love with you? / Where is it from? / What do you spend your free time on? Ask him, why has he stolen a piece of my life? / He is a thief, who has stolen everything from me,” says part of the lyrics of “And how is he?”. In an interview that Perales gave during 2017 to Diario Libre, he cited that when he was commissioned with this melody, Julio Iglesias had separated from Isabel Preysler and she had remarried Carlos Falcó, with whom he had Tamara Falcó. I thought Julio could play it because he always gave a touch of credibility to what he sang; I didn’t want to sing it, because it had nothing to do with me. But I did, and since then the subject became a kind of cross for me.” And what is he like? is included in the album Entre el agua y el fuego, which José Luis Perales released during 1982 and became one of his first greatest musical hits. José Luis Perales is currently 77 years old and is recognized as one of the best singer-songwriters in Latin America, he is also a producer and writer;  his lyrics are poems that speak of love, nostalgia and peace. According to Widipedia, he has made 27 musical productions and registered more than 510 songs in the General Society of Authors of Spain (SGAE); he has also sold more than 55 million records. Read more: Christina Aguilera releases album in Spanish and presents La fuerzaAnother of her musical hits are Que canten los niños, Ella y él, La llamaban loca, Quiero decir tu nombre and ¿Qué pasará mañana?. Action movies starring women and available on Netflix

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