INE validates signatures necessary to celebrate the revocation

Mexico City.- This Friday the Federal Registration Commission of Voters of the National Electoral Institute (INE) unanimously approved the Preliminary Report on the verification process of the percentage of signatures of support of the citizenship required for the Revocation of Mandate and their identification in the Nominal List of Voters that as of January 19 3 million 027 thousand 845 valid registrations are reported. This figure corresponds to 3.29% of the Nominal List, enough to hold the exercise of revocation of mandate on April 10. Through a statement, it was reported that the president of the Commission, Ciro Murayama Rendón, established that with the figures given by the report it can be affirmed that the Revocation of Mandate went from being a probability to a certain fact, of safe and unpostponable realization. ” On April 10, the Day of Revocation of Mandate will be held throughout the country, the INE will fulfill its constitutional obligation to bring boxes to citizens so that they can participate in this democratic exercise. ” This exercise, he said, gives certainty to the deadlines approved by the General Council so that it can be known that the threshold of 3% of the required signatures has been met.” For us the principle of maximum publicity is a commitment and an obligation” so daily the INE made public the progress of the verification of signatures, explained the counselor. Regarding the inconsistencies found, it was mentioned that through the mobile application 1 million 382 thousand 031 signatures of citizen support were received, in which 296,980 were identified with inconsistencies. Read more: Amexcid announces arrival of the social program “Sembrando Vida” in HaitiWhile of the 9,721,917 supports in physical formats, of which 6,623,951 have been verified and quantified, so 3,097,966 are pending, while the second review, of 6,603,231 registration that they did fulfill, 2,496,823 have been captured, of which 1 million 942 thousand 794 were found in Nominal List and 554 thousand 029 have some type of inconsistency. La Libertad: An effigy of Mazatlan with 72 years in exile

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