How to make a creamy citrus cake easily?

Citrus fruits in addition to being a versatile and delicious ingredient, provide vitamin C and there are many ways to take advantage of its flavor either in solid foods or as an ingredient, one of the ways to enjoy is in desserts, that is why we share how to make an orange and tangerine cake that is perfect for any occasion and is very easy to make at home. This recipe is for 8 servings and its degree of difficulty is easy. Read more: Homemade puff pastry dough recipe for sweet and savory dessertsIngredients for making creamy orange cake: For the base: 120 grams of Butter 30 grams of ground almond 200 grams of pastry flour (wheat) 80 grams of sugar glass For the filling: 4 egg yolks 120 milliliters of milk 120 milliliters of liquid cream to assemble 2 milliliters of orange blossom water 30 grams of sugar 2 Oranges 3 Mandarins 1 Lemon (its juice) 4 grams of grenetina powder without flavor Mode of preparation: Beat the butter at room temperature in a bowl and add the icing sugar until integrated and accreted, then add the ground almond and egg, keep beating until everything is integrated Sift the flour and add it to the previous mixture, with the help of your hands integrate without kneading much, make a ball with this dough and cover the bowl with it inside, cover with kitchen plastic and let refrigerate for an hour while preheating the oven to 170 ° C Extend the dough with the help of a roller until it has a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm evenly Prepare your mold by greasing with butter or oil spray, then line the walls and sides with the dough, being careful not to break it and bake for 25-30 minutes checking that the dough is golden then remove and reserve. Heat in a large container the whipping cream with the milk over medium heat, while heating, beat the two egg yolks and sugar in a large container until bleaching, then when the milk and whipping cream are almost about to boil, carefully remove from the heat and pour with the mixture of the yolks. Mix all of the above well and when everything is integrated, return to the container to leave it on medium heat for two more minutes. Hydrate the grenetina and mix it until there are no lumps and reserve. Remove from the heat after the time and add the grenetina the lemon juice and the azhar water and beat well mixing all the ingredients. Add the above mixture to the base of the cake and garnish with the tangerine and orange to your liking. Serve in slices Read more: Dietary dessert: apples with nuts and microwaved blueberriesTips for this recipe: You can decorate this dessert with lemon slices Remove the skin from citrus fruits to eliminate bitterness Enjoy with a coffee Click to upload survey

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