Iran, the first qualifier in Asia to the World Cup and the 14th team to achieve it

The beginning of 2022 is the year of the World Cup, but qatar’s calendar in November and December led to the definitions of the teams being given in these initial months, where Asia had not yet presented any reference of its continent, except for the host country. On this path, the two final groups entered the closing stages and in the first of the remaining four days the presence of Iran was confirmed for the third consecutive time. The Melli team defeated Iraq 1-0 at home and secured the place mathematically, leaving South Korea and the United Arab Emirates in the fight for second place.
The team led by the Croatian Dragan Skočić got the ticket with seven games played and three dates from the end. In that process he won six wins and a draw, where he scored 12 goals and only received two. In this way it becomes the 14th country to achieve the ticket. Throughout its history, Iran participated in five World Cups, starting its journey in Argentina 1978. Then, he returned 20 years later to France 1998 and after a waiting period, he returned to Germany 2006. Absent in 2010, his return was in Brazil 2014, where he shared a group with Argentina (1-0 goal by Lionel Messi) and in Russia 2018. In all of them, he never managed to pass the group stage, something that he will seek to break in Qatar.Along with those of the Middle East, the local is already classified, as organizer, and also appear Argentina and Brazil (South America) and Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, France, England, Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden (Europe). 

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