What is unemployment insurance in CDMX and how you can process it

Given the loss of jobs that were registered in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the authorities have implemented various programs that seek to help unemployed people, such is the case of Mexico City (CDMX), where through support, they seek to help people who lost their livelihood. According to the information published by the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Mexico City (STyFE), the program is a support that has already existed for a couple of years, which seeks to provide support to the capitals who have lost their formal employment. That is why, if you live in Mexico City, you know more about this support and know how to carry out the procedure for Unemployment Insurance, which you can receive for a time not exceeding four months, as indicated by the authorities. You may be interested: INVI will grant support for rent payment to families in CDMX who left their home due to high riskWho can apply for this support It is important to highlight that this program is exclusive for the population living in Mexico City and who are over 18 years old, in addition to having lost their formal job, however, there are other sectors that are considered to apply: Women unjustifiably dismissed because of pregnancy.  Repatriated or returned national migrants.  Guests from Mexico City.  People pre- and released from a detention center in Mexico City.  People from unemployed indigenous communities.  Monthly amount of Unemployment Insurance According to the information provided by the Ministry of Labor, the amount delivered by the Federal Government through Unemployment Insurance, is equivalent to the monthly amount of the Measurement and Updating Unit (UMA), which will begin to apply from next February 1, 2022. This means that the monthly amount will be 2 thousand 925.09 pesos, this is an economic incentive to promote the labor reintegration of people through training and job exchange. What are the requirements to apply for support?  Be between 18 and 67 years old with 11 months.  Have involuntarily lost their job after January 1, 2019.  Live and have worked for at least 6 months accumulated between 2019 and 2021 in a company with physical and fiscal domicile in Mexico City.  Be actively looking for a job.  Have your registration in the job board of the National Employment Service.  Documents for the procedure: Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) Birth Certificate (Original and Copy) or failing that also Credential to Vote, Passport, Military Card, Professional Card, Driver’s License. } You may be interested: Agriculture for the environment should not wait in SinaloaIn case you want to know more information about the Unemployment Insurance procedure that the capital government implemented for some years, you can enter the official networks of @SeGobCDMX and @TrabajoCDMX, where you can learn more about the various programs that the city has.  Also in CDMX, journalists protest in front of Segob for the murder of communicators

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