Thousands of flights were canceled on the East Coast of the United States by a heavy snowstorm

About 3,400 flights were canceled for Saturday in the United States due to the arrival of an intense snowstorm and strong winds that will affect the east coast of the country. The phenomenon will cause extremely cold temperatures and will cross the cities of New York and Boston until continuing its course through the Atlantic. In addition, the winter storm could quickly intensify over the next 24 hours and the pressure could drop to 35 millibars at night. According to the flight tracker FlightAware, on Friday the suspensions in flights, both internal and international, reached more than 1,450.Faced with this panorama, the United States Meteorological Service warned of the impossibility of traveling, given the “low visibility conditions” in various areas of the northeast coast, where snow accumulations of more than 30 centimeters are expected. The governors of New York and New Jersey decided to declare a state of emergency, while Boston Mayor Michelle Wu declared a snow emergency. “Come home tonight carefully, stay home over the weekend, avoid any unnecessary travel,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said in a statement. The city has already begun to mobilize salt and snow plows to clear the roads. Weeks ago, from Georgia to Canada, another similar winter storm known as the “bomb cyclone” phenomenon was recorded that caused power outages in many homes and damaged thousands of flights. 

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