Susana Zabaleta reveals harassment of actors and producers

Mexico.  The Coahuilense actress Susana Zabaleta, who began her artistic career in the mid-80s, makes public that she was subjected to sexual harassment by producers and actors. “They were horrendous, they put their hand in you…”, he says. In an interview with the program Venga la Alegría, Susana Zabaleta recalls how bad she had in her beginnings within the show, since she, like many other companions of hers, had to deal with “perverse people” and ill-intentioned. , many evil, horrendous, some are already dead, how good and horrendous actors who put their hands on you and you could not say ‘this pu*o just grabbed my buttocks’. The eighties were a horrendous time,” adds Zabaleta.In addition, the beautiful 57-year-old singer also says that many film and television producers have wanted to take advantage of the situation to “get a date”, they have harassed her and many times she had to give up the contract and salary so as not to fall “into the clutches of those subjects”. “‘Let’s go to dinner and then I give you ‘your payment’; And I said, ‘You’re there, but you’re okay, what’s wrong with you? Of course not, keep the payment and rewind it until you rot,'” Susana recalls of one case in particular, without mentioning the names of her stalkers. Zabaleta admits that he has been able to recover from many situations of sexual harassment largely thanks to the strong character he has, which has also helped him get ahead in his personal and professional life. Susana Zabaleta’s performance will soon be seen in the film Sexo, pudor y lágrimas 2, which will premiere on February 4 on HBO Max and in which she shares credits with Jorge Salinas, Víctor Huggo Martín, Mónica Dione and Cecilia Suárez, among other actors. Read more: Mhoni Seer surprises by revealing when the end of the pandemic will beIn part of the publicity of Sex, Modesty and Tears 2 it is said that “sexuality and identity are experienced in even more open and diverse ways, however, love remains the most important issue that surrounds the lives of the protagonists”. Burning of grassland causes fire in cardboard warehouse in Chalco, by the Mexico-Cuautla

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