Organizations ask CNDH to attract the case of baby Tadeo

Civil society organizations filed a formal complaint with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) so that it can attract the case of baby Tadeo, who was found in the garbage of the San Miguel prison in Puebla.
They claimed it is an interstate issue involving the state of Puebla and Mexico City.
The organizations indicated that the “justice done” by the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, does not end in removing from office those who have done absolutely nothing to improve the criminal justice system.

They pointed out that they have received anonymous complaints from relatives and persons deprived of their liberty that due to the investigations into the Tadeo case and the changes of directors in the San Miguel Penitentiary Center, they are being tortured and subjected to violations of their human rights in order to obtain information.
“We urge Mexican society not to forget the case of ‘Baby Tadeo’ because the demand to safeguard human rights should not be minimized to an act of ‘protagonism’, as mentioned by the president of the CNDH,” they said.

Today marks 21 days since the discovery of Thaddeus’ body.
21 days and we still have a lot of questions about it. We formally ask the @CNDH for its intervention.#JusticiaBebé #JusticiaParaTadeo
— Reinsert (@Reinserta) January 31, 2022

They added that the crime entails the violation of human rights mainly of baby Tadeo, his parents, the people arrested and investigated, those of the people deprived of liberty in the San Miguel prison, others who are in Puebla Penitentiary Centers, as well as human rights defenders and journalists.
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The complaint was filed on January 28 by organizations such as Reinserta, Reintegra, Colectivo Derechos sin Barreras, among 20 other organizations, after on January 25, the head of the CNDH, Rosario Piedra Ibarra, told the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union that in the case of baby Tadeo there was no complaint formally presented to begin his mandatory work to protect human rights.
The state government reported that 21 officials have been arrested in the case of baby Tadeo, found in the garbage of the San Miguel prison.
In addition, Rogelio López Maya was dismissed as secretary of State Public Security, and in his place was Daniel Iván Cruz Luna; Jorge Pérez Melchor was also appointed as Undersecretary of Penitentiary Centers in Puebla.
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