They report 13 deaths and one thousand 88 infections of Covid-19 in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The Ministry of Health of Sinaloa reported on Wednesday, February 2, that one thousand 88 new infections and 13 deaths were registered due to Covid-19.La state agency announced that there is a historical accumulated of 105 thousand 349 confirmed cases and a total of 9 thousand 326 deaths due to the coronavirus, which continues to be a health problem for many nations of the world. Balance The new infections occurred in the municipalities: Culiacán 496, Ahome 137, Mazatlán 117, Navolato 105, Guasave 104, Angostura 46, Salvador Alvarado 38, El Fuerte 22, Elota 13, Escuinapa 3, El Rosario 2, Choix 2, Badiraguato 1, Mocorito 1 and Sinaloa de Leyva, 1.Read more: Miracles granted! They celebrate the Day of Candelaria in Quilá in CuliacánRegarding the most recent deaths, there are 4 people from Guasave, 4 from Culiacán, 2 from Mazatlan; the municipalities of Ahome, El Fuerte and Sinaloa de Leyva reported one death each. The health authorities reported that another thousand 230 patients were discharged medically, so there are already a total of 90 thousand 939 people recovered, after having acquired covid-19. Active cases Until this Wednesday, February 2, Sinaloa registered 5 thousand 84 active cases of coronavirus in the state, where the municipality of Culiacán tops the list with 2 thousand 530; in second place is Ahome with 816; in third is Mazatlan, with 594.La Ministry of Health reported that there are currently one thousand 993 suspected cases of coronavirus, and Culiacán occupies the first place, with 787 in second place Mazatlan, with 436 and in third Guasave with 263.La agency also reported that there is an availability of 84 percent of covid beds in Sinaloa.Read more:  The cold is coming! The first rains of the year fall in Culiacán, SinaloaLast deaths
• Male 35 years dead on August 10, 2021
• Female 54 years died on January 11 (Obesity)
• Female 62 years died on January 31 (Hypertension)
• Female 63 years died on January 21
• Female 65 years died on January 29 (Hypertension)
• Female 73 years died on January 31 (Diabetes and Hypertension)
• Male 76 years died on January 31 (Hypertension)
• Female 83 years died on January 31 (Diabetes and Hypertension)
• Male 87 years died on January 29 (Hypertension and Enf. Cardio)
• Female 96 years died on January 31
• Female 97 years died on January 31 (Hypertension)
Note: 2 duplicate records of past days reflected in the Total Deaths were deleted. Cat cries because his mouse escaped and goes viral on TikTok
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